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Image reaction study

Each Oil on giclee study is used to observe the ways in which the circles manipulate individual images. Focusing on the artists instinctive nature of changing an image, Looking at image and object as interaction and reaction with the manipulation of colour and composition. These study’s are an intuitive way to home the skill in witch the artist reacts to images.

Using this format of making work narrows down the effect on the image making the manipulation easier to study.

By using images that are typical of the current zeitgeist of artistic practice, combined with naming the work after the date it was made, the work acknowledge the inevitable change in public and professional opinion as to the quality or appeal of the visual image.


That little red buoy, Turner’s last minute addition, proved that true artistry is found “in restraint and understanding, not excessive effort”, as observed by Professor David Solkin from the Courtauld Institute. 


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Image Reaction Study 


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