Recursions is a collaboration between brothers Brendan James Arnold (electronics) and Matthew Roy Arnold (sculpture)

The works are interactive light sculpture taking form as repeating and morphing objects. using an array of mixed media such as plaster, glass, silicone, organic matter, resin, wood, metal, stone the work give a scenic of our abstract reality we live today. With both brothers interests in the powers of creation and how its flawed with errors, witnessing todays technologies and how society has the possibility to create almost anything. With virtual and real environments, cloning and creating, we can't help but think were  are becoming a version of the flawed Gods of ancient greece that had these same powers over us. These complex layered artworks could be a grasp on our bearing of our reality by mapping this modern landscape, or they could be adding to its ever moor abstraction.


The pieces light up in the dark and respond with UV when people come close. The work also uses a lot of clarity in the making for example the robotics are on show and have been drawn and printed in patterns, the plugs and wire is transparent and the framework is part of the circuits. 


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